The school puts all its efforts in the area of ‘Value Education’.
The idea is to prepare and nurture students to live in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-religious country and at large make them the members of world community.
The school aims at implementation of C.C.E. introduced by the C.B.S.E.
C.C.E. – Showing the Right Path:
C.C.E. reconstructs the paradigms in pedagogy and its conventional approach, to learning and teaching. Education is not limited within the periphery of classrooms but extends beyond the physical boundaries and worksheets.
The policy aims to provide outlets for the creative expressions of the students and its mission is to equip them with ‘Education for Life’.
The new approach is to encourage creativity in every child. To switch over from memorization to holistic learning, to make every child participate in meaningful activities, to encourage team work and to give time and space for the development of their talents, otherwise lying dormant in the child. Projects, Assignments, Power Point Presentations, Gardening, Club Activities, Sports and Games, Indoor Games, Drawing, Painting, Handicrafts, Crafts work, Dancing, Singing and Dramatics – all such activities express and develop all such talents in children.