It is situated on the T.S. Road when coming from T.V.M. towards Kulathupuzha approximately 65 kms. From T.V.M. The same distance is from Kollam via Ayur and Anchal. It is 20m kms. from Anchal and 30 kms. from Punalur our Educational District. The school is also approachable from Trivandrum-Kadakkal via Madathara.
It is very near to the Govt. U.P.S., Kulathupuzha.
At the north east corner of the school campus lies on the banks of the river the beautiful two stored chapel built in the shape of a cross. It is well ornate with rare statues brought from different pilgrim centres. A tall pillar carved with vines around it with a cross on the top made of single Mahagony tree is placed at the centre of the main alter.
The students irrespective of caste and religions are allowed to meditate and pray in this serene and holy shrine.